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2" 600 ANSI Purge & Equalization Fitting

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MTDTAPSTOP™ Purge & Equalization Fittings:



•Used for blow down of an isolated pipe section following a line stopping, plugging or bagging operation.




•Max operating pressure: 1480psi


•Max operating temperature: 180°F


•Manufactured under ISO 9001


•Designed, tested and manufactured per:

  • ASME / ANSI B31.8 (Gas Pipelines)
  • ASME / ANSI B31.4 (Liquid Pipelines)
  • ASME / ANSI B31.1 (Chemical Plants & Refineries)
  • ASME / ANSI B31.1 (Power Plants)
  • DOT 192 & 195 (Federal Regulations for Gas & Liquid Pipelines)


•Fittings marked according to MSS SP 25


MTD Part No. 0200-1480P&E-0000