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MTD TAP STOP™ 4" Spherical Weld Tee - ANSI 300

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MTD TAP STOP™ ANSI 300 Spherical Weld Tees:



•Manufactured under ISO9001


•Designed, tested, and manufactured for use on pipelines operating in accordance with ASME B31.8 and DOT 192


•All welds and inspections are performed per API-1104 and ASME section IX


•Material specifications and manufacturing test reports available




•MOP of 740psi @ 100°F ~ 675psi @ 180°F


•Compatible with existing tapping and plugging equipment


•Low profile


•Can be installed as a side or bottom outlet


•4" thru 8" ships with expanding completion plug w/ o-ring, blind flange, and cap screws with plastic protectors

MTD Part No. 0400-0740S-0000