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MTD TAP STOP™ 3×4 Weld Fitting - ANSI 150

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MTD TAP STOP™ ANSI 150 Weld Fitttings:



•Manufactured under ISO9001


•Designed, tested, and manufactured for use on pipelines operating in accordance with ASME B31.8 and DOT 192


•All welds and inspections are performed per API-1104 and ASME section IX


•Material specifications and manufacturing test reports available


•Maximum operating pressure and temperature should be limited to that of the pipeline, but should not exceed the rating of the fitting




•MOP of 285psi @ 100°F ~ 245psi @ 180°F


•Compatible with existing tapping and plugging equipment


•Low profile


•Available valve-to-fitting adapters for attaching existing valves


•4" thru 12" ships with expanding completion plug w/ o-ring, blind flange, and cap screws with plastic protectors


MTD Part No. 0304-0285W-0000