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BatteryFuse™ Base | Universal Electrofusion Processor

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MTD TRI FUSION™ BatteryFuse™ Base Universal Electrofusion Processors:



•Barcode-based operator ID capability with qualification expiration support


•Work location entry for added traceability


•Barcode-Mode Only option to enforce traceability and/or temperature compensation


•Can be operated in Spanish or English languages


•12 foot output leads


•Includes Smart Battery Charger


•8 VAC to 48 VAC output power


•Powered by a heavy-duty 51 volt sealed lead-acid battery pack


•Safe to operate from 0°F to 140°F**


•IP54 Spash-Proof


•1-year Warranty


**Batteries should be kept at 41°F or above. Do not store or operate batteries for extended periods below 40°F.

MTD Part No. *Varies Based On Selected Options*